History of the company

The Polycorp Ltd. founded 1st of January 1989 and has own factory in Budapest. The main activity of the factory is plastic processing, such as manufacturing bottles, and bottlecaps.

The factory has modern computer control injection molding /Tederic, Battenfeld/, and bottle manufacturing machines /Techne, Magic, Uniloy/.

The Polycorp Ltd. evolves dinamically, and widens the selection of the products. The most inportatnt products are the multilayer plastic bottles which enviromentally frienedly and elegant.

The company agrees plan of plastic products, manufacturing tool and plastic products, furthermore screen printing and tamponing.

The products manufactured by Polycorp Ltd. coindiences with regulations of ADR, RID, IMGD and IATA, therefore the products are suitable the transportation of the dangerous materials on road, on railway, by air and on the sea.

Polycorp Ltd. has Quality Certificate, that comfirms the manufactured products standard of MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 according to standards.

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